Jess Beyler
Deep SpaceDances (Study after Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne)DuendeA Wind From All Directions: GatheringA Wind From All Directions: ScatteringA Wind From All Directions Scattering and Gatheringit Was Written in Laughter and Snow
New Stuff
This group of work is in process, and consequently I am going to remain silent on what the themes of it are.

The process of painting is like deep sea diving. You go down and find some unknown configuration, swim around in it for awhile, shine the lights on different parts, map it, try not to get trapped in it, and try to take some treasure back to the surface with you and into your conscious awareness. It's best not to reduce it all to words too soon. It just confuses things to do that.

So here are the first images of the latest sea dive. We can all speculate on the meaning together.