Jess Beyler
This was on my birthday
My friend gave me some plastic eggs that look like brown specked bird eggs. My birthday is in early March, so I was holding them, wishing for spring to come a little faster. The painting behind me is what I am working on right now; the order of the panels has been switched around since this photo, though. It is about springtime and I paint on it every year while the trees are just budding and then I have to wait for another year before I can work on it again, but I think I will finish it this year. It is not unusual for a painting to take five years before it is complete. I have years' worth of paintings already in the pipeline.

Behind the curtain with the black circle on the left are stairs leading down to my studio door. The studio door is so small everyone thinks of the movie "Being John Malkovich" when they see it.
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