Jess Beyler
An Odd DreamStrange SpringA Wind From All Directions: GatheringA Wind From All Directions: ScatteringA Wind From All Directions Scattering and GatheringA Glimpse of DragonVernal Equinox 2012: Year of the DragonEscape Velocity: FireBlack OrchidPursuitDreams Edge of DaylightLightening StrikeRadiant Epiphanies Still SubmergedKihonLingering FlameThe Heart Has Its Reasons #2Dragon DiagramExhilarationLight and Dark Waves
Dreams, Memories, Desires
When consciousness draws near to the unconscious, not only does it receive a devastating shock but something of its light penetrates into the darkness of the unconscious. The result is that the unconscious is no longer so remote and strange and terrifying, and this paves the way for an eventual union....What happens is that its contents cross over into consiousness more easily than before.
--Carl Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis

Because I cannot photograph my dreams or explain the things my body knows, or analyze directly what I have loved most, I have to paint.