Jess Beyler
Winter Chrysalis Begins to ThawPhoenix EggWinter Chrysalis : Transformational EntanglementWinter Chrysalis: Gold FireChrysalis: WhirlwindWinter Chrysalis:  Dark HaloChrysalisLast SighRed Chrysalis and Rain Cloud
I read somewhere that if you cut open a chrysalis in the middle of winter, all you will see is soup. Apparently the creature inside disolves completely before re-forming into a butterfly, which is why a chrysalis is so much harder on the outside than a cocoon; the protection is necessary. I also read somewhere that a true secret is something you cannot tell anybody no matter how hard you try. These paintings are about the transformation process, particularly focusing on that irreducibly mysterious moment (and it can be a very long moment) when the old state had dissolved and the new state is not yet apparent. There are more paintings about this on the way.