Jess Beyler
Dances (Study after Titian's Bacchus and Ariadne)Dragon BonesLeapDouble EnsoThe Ace of WingsComingKihon #2Distant ThunderSummer CloudShelterDiving InGoingEmerging DragonHebrew Letter: qophVision at SeaWaterfallEphemeral MonumentWhirlwindEphemeral Monument #2
Black and White
I love Chinese/Japanese calligraphy. I like the gestural clarity, the breath and bones of it, and the purity of the hand's dancing, recorded. The ink on paper captures a single moment in time; you can't second guess yourself, you just have to live with what you did. Normally I work very slowly and contemplatively, thinking and re-thinking every square inch of the painting, so doing this group of Zen-inspired brush drawings and blowing right through my own speed limits, was exhilerating.