Jess Beyler
The subject matter of my paintings comes from my fascination with things we often think of as empty--sky, ocean,wind, light, the passing of time, the dreaming mind, and the inarticulate longings of the heart.

I am also an ex-dancer and a (current) martial artist. I use this body-wisdom all the time when I paint. I think concept-based rationality is over-rated. It lacks poetry and slights the numinous as a way of real understanding. Painting gives my very articulate inner animal a chance to speak of what it really cares about and my animal self, while not exactly anti-rational, does not privilege logic at the expense of the paradoxical loves that make life worth bothering with at all. For instance, my animal self, which seems to have certain tigerish qualities, is particularly fond of combining Raw with Elegant.

If you have visited me here before, you might like a note on what is new:

You can now read the back stories of selected paintings in Collected Letters (click on the 3rd thumbnail from the left in the Portfolio section) Those of you who are on my personal mailing list will recognize these.

And in the Dirty Hearts folder there is now a short Youtube Video embedded of me dancing my dirty little heart out at a party. This is somewhat clandestine footage taken with a cell phone.