Jess Beyler
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The subject matter of my paintings comes from my fascination with things we often think of as empty--sky, ocean,wind, light, the passing of time, the dreaming mind, and the inarticulate longings of the heart.

The paintings are very physical in their making process and combine dancing and martial arts with the contemplative mark. They are more about animal wisdom than conceptual clarity. I want them to be raw and elegant at the same time, like tigers or lynxes.

* *
If you are a person who likes video, you can find a few in various places, tucked in among the still images. The most recently added video is in the "Collected Letters" folder; it's an interview I gave for the TV program Art Now, There is another interview in the "Sky Path", and there are two little film clips of me dancing, one also in "Collected Letters" and the other in "Dirty Hearts".