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I started my painting with a simple idea. I wanted to paint the changes of light during the course of a day, the motion of the clouds and the freedom of mind that the huge sky blue emptiness evokes. I felt like that thought needed a large canvas, so I made the piece 45 feet long, in 14 panels.

It took more than three years to complete the painting, and in the process of its making, it became more complex in intent. It came to be about the way our lives have both the monumentality of passing time, and the ephemerality of a passing cloud. And as the ocean and the sky began to mix inconographically, the painting came to be about how the vastness of the sky and the vastness of our interior lives are a single infinity, not two. It came to be about how the life force that moves through us all is both an intimate mystery and our entry into the universal dance.

The painting can be currently seen at the Great Impasta restaurant in downtown Urbana, but I am in the process of searching for a permanant home for it. Contact me if you are interested.