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Aries Point
Aries Point

Hello friends

Spring amazes me every year. I can hardly believe that winter will crack and everything will wake up again, and blossoms will trump the ice and for awhile we will not have to protect ourselves so assiduously from wind and cold and dark. The birds we haven't heard since last year will sing and we will be able to sit in the sun and wear our hearts on our sleeves and perhaps some fragment of our own forgotten souls will finally emerge with all the fragility and power of things just beginning.

Most years,I need to think about this so much that I end up making a painting as a meditation on the spring equinox, or the Aries point as some call it.. This is the one I did for this year.

Now, go outside and dance something wild as is appropriate to the season. (You may do this by moonlight if you feel that your dancing is not at its best in the daytime.)

Jess Beyler